So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” is a fourteen lesson Bible Study that compares God’s path to happiness with that of the world’s.  God’s ways are perfect, but they are totally opposite to those taught in the world.  Although, His ways appear “oxymoronic”, they are correct and the only ways to happiness. 


Would you like to get off that hamster wheel that is going nowhere fast?  Want to stop letting life pass you by?  There is a path to an internal and eternal happiness which is found in the Word of God.


Each lesson starts with a comedy skit to enhance the lesson.  Then, the skit is followed by Debbie Harmon teaching that using Scripture.  For added benefit, you can get the book by the same title.  Visit our book sections of this website for more details regarding the companion book in digital download format.


This Bible study is part of our Grab and Grow series for the busy woman on the go.  We have designed this study to get right to the meat of the lesson quickly.  To rent a lesson, simply click on the videos below.


“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 1 The Schemer examines the life of a schemer. Do you manipulate and scheme to get what you want? Do you have the mindset that “if I do this for you, then you owe me?” Ever find yourself bargaining with God to get what you desire? This can become tiring and overwhelming. Do you can get frustrated when your scheme backfires?  Well there is a better way to enjoy your life and it is found through God’s Word. His oxymoronic teachings will show you the way to happiness and joy. Watch this video today and discover what He has to say about scheming. This is the 1st lesson in the Bible Study series, “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy”.

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 2 The Controller examines the strangling life of controlling others. There is no way you can control other people or circumstances. However, many people struggle with this addiction. You can be free of this bondage if you follow the teachings found in God’s Word. Watch this video today and begin living in the freedom found in His Word and teachings. This is the 2nd lesson from the Bible Study, “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” created by Debbie Harmon.

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 3 The Judger examines the detriment of judging others. When you judge someone you are setting yourself up to be judged by that same measure. God is the only one who is able to judge us. Watch this lesson and see how you can get off the judgment train and live in the freedom of letting God take care of that. This is the 3rd lesson in the series “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Bible Study. 

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 4 The Worrier deals with the issue of constantly worrying. Do you live your life in a prison of worry?  Are you consumed with fear, dread, anxiety? Do you constantly think about the “What if’s or the What Was”? Well, you can find a way to be free of this lifestyle. God’s Word has a lot to say on the issue of worry. He offers an oxymoronic solution to this ravaging problem. Watch this video and find out what you can start doing today to overcome worry, doubt, fear, and dread. Then, you can walk in a new direction towards happiness, peace, and joy. This is the 4th lesson in the Bible Study series, “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy”. 

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 5 The Grudger deals with holding a grudge and the bondage that ensnares you as a result. Unforgiveness paralyzes you from discovering true and lasting happiness. God has an oxymoronic solution to dealing with unforgiveness. Watch this video and learn the techniques that will free you from the burden of bitterness, rage and anger so that you can life a life of joy. This is the 5th lesson in the Bible Study series, “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy”. 

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 6 The Coveter examines the issues of jealousy and envy.  Being jealous or envious will never lead to happiness. However, God has an answer that will help you overcome jealousy. It is found in His Word. Watch this video to uncover that method to finding happiness. This is the 6th lesson in the Bible Study series called “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy”.

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 7 The Grumbler focuses on the misery you will find if you are a negative grumbler. Negativity is contagious. It leads to despair and hopelessness. However, there is a solution to grumbling and it is found in God’s Word. Watch this video to learn the secrets to happiness by following what God’s Word says regarding grumbling. There is an oxymoronic solution to grumbling. This lesson is the 7th in the “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Bible Study.

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 8 The Bragger examines the misery you will encounter if you are constantly bragging and boasting about what you can do. Are you always on your mind? You will never find happiness if you feel the need to brag. However, God’s Word has a solution to this problem, and if you follow it, you will discover an inner peace that fills you with joy. Watch this lesson today and uncover what God has to say about bragging. This is part of the “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Bible Study.

“So, Ya, Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 9 The Blamer examines the value in taking responsibility for your life and your actions. Blaming others will never lead you to happiness. This is the 9th lesson in this Bible Study called “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy”.

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 10 The Liar examines the dangers of lying and how that keeps you from enjoying a life of happiness. This is part of the “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Bible Study.

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 11 The Gossiper focuses on the damage that gossip can inflict upon others. Gossiping can ruin the best of friends. It destroys reputations and does a great deal of harm. It is like a wildfire that spreads quickly and out of control. Gossiping will never lead to happiness even when done under the guise of a “Prayer Request”. However, the Word of God has an oxymoronic solution to gossiping. Watch the lesson and discover this solution. This is the 11th lesson in the “So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Bible Study Series.

“So Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 12 The Disobeyer deals with how to find happiness through obedience to God. This lesson focuses on consequential thinking.  God’s Word tells us that obedience brings blessing, whereas disobedience delivers discipline.  The choice is yours to make.  You will reap what you sow. 

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 13 The Procrastinator examines the dangers of procrastination and the bondage that It holds over you. When you learn God’s ways to overcome procrastination, you can begin walking towards happiness.

“So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” Lesson 14 The Chaser is part of the Bible Study teaching from the “So Ya Wanna Be Happy series.” In this final lesson we examine the question: What are you chasing? If you spend your life chasing after the wrong things you will find a life of heartbreak and misery. So what should you be chasing? Watch this lesson and discover the answer that will lead you towards happiness.