Sermon Starters--Music Appetizers

These are music videos that can be used to introduce or enhance a message.  There is a short promo clip of the song.  For the full song click the rent button.


These clips may not be used without renting the entire video. 

Who’s Your God examines the point of what we serve is our god.  Is He a genie in a bottle who grants our every wish?  Is He Santa Claus that brings us everything we want?  Do we see God as something we put on a shelf until we need His help?   

Who's Your God?

You Won’t Be My Judge examines how Jesus is our only Judge.  We can’t see the log in our own eye, but we want to remove the speck from someone else’s eye.  It is easy to condemn everyone, and I wonder if we would even condemn Jesus today if He showed up today.  Judge not lest you be judged by the same measure that you use again everyone else.