Act Up Youth Acting Lessons is a twenty lesson curriculum for home study or small group study.  This course teaches the basic acting fundamental techniques and terminology.  


Not only will your students learn these acting techniques and skills, but they will also be encouraged to embrace their uniqueness.  There are scripture verses for your students to learn from and apply in their acting as well as their daily life.


The Golden Rule is stressed as a way to treat their scene partner.  Treating others the way they want to be treated is highly encouraged.  


They will also be encouraged to be themselves and understand that they are uniquely created by God with talents and abilities.

This course strives to bolster their self-worth and self-esteem.  It also helps with stage fright.  


This is the companion workbook that goes along with the individual lessons that are on video.


There are several quizzes throughout the course and two tests.  If you choose to use this curriculum as an addition to homeschooling, you will be able to give your students a grade.  This is a very easy to follow program and the material is written for youth. 


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Act Up Skits & Monologues is a collection of Skits and Monologues written for students 7 to 18 years of age. 


There are several Monologues for both boys and girls in those age groups. 


There is a section for your student to write their Back Story for their monologue.  This will help them with character development.


The Skits section has several skits for a two-person scene and multi-person scenes in the various age groups.


There is a Back Story page to help your student create their character and their relationship with the others in the scene.


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Act Up Youth Acting Lessons Teacher’s Book is identical to the student’s book however,  it includes the answers to the quizzes and tests. 


Also included in this book are teacher’s note regarding how to assist with lessons. 


There are suggestions for games and props listed.


This book will aid in your child’s learning process.


It is a very easy to follow book and no acting knowledge is required to proctor this course.


To order a copy of the eBook click on the Book Cover or the Red Book title link below: