So, Ya Wanna Be Happy” is a fourteen lesson Bible Study that compares God’s path to happiness with that of the world’s.  God’s ways are perfect, but they are totally opposite to those taught in the world.  His ways appear “oxymoronic”, but His are the correct and only ways to happiness. 

Discover the best way to find happiness.  Get off that hamster wheel going no where fast.  Stop letting life pass you by.  Give up frustrations, confusion and depression by learning the path to internal and eternal happiness found in the Word of God.


Each lesson starts with a comedy skit that nails down that lesson’s point.  Then, the skit is followed by Debbie Harmon teaching the lesson.  For added benefit you can get the book by the same title. Visit our book sections of this website for more details regarding the companion book in digital download format.


This Bible study is part of our Grab and Grow series for the busy woman on the go.  We have designed this study to get right to the meat of the lesson quickly.  To rent a lesson, simply click on the videos below.