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Julia has spent the last twenty years running from her past, only to find herself face to face with it.  The choice she made cost her the past twenty years, and now she must decide if it will keep her in bondage the rest of her life.

Angie’s life is in shambles because of circumstances beyond her control.  For the previous seven years, she has lived in a prison of bitterness, anger and sorrow.  Angie isn’t living life to the fullest.  After running into a seven year old boy, Angie has to decide whether she is going to continue living in this self imposed prison of emptiness.

Shelly’s life has also been ruined by a tragic mistake.  Ashamed of her past, she lives a life of lies.  Shelly constantly worries that someone will find out what happened in her past and judge her for it.  Can Shelly let go of her pride and open her heart to forgiveness?