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Teen Esteem

"What Would You Do" Stephanie and Joshua are typical teenagers, great students and all around good kids.  Joshua asks Stephanie to go to prom with him in the spring of their junior year.  After prom they start dating.  Stephanie's parents have a rule that she can date Joshua as long as it is "group dating."  But like most teenagers, Stephanie ignores her parent's rule and starts sneaking around to see Joshua alone.  When school starts back in the fall of their senior year, they receive news that will forever change their lives....read more


"Words Will Destroy You"  Words have the power to heal or destroy.  What you say and how you say it can have a huge effect on someone.  Unfortunately, our self worth is largely based on the opinions of others.  Peers at school, work and our parents shape the way we see ourselves.  Teen are very vulnerable to words...read more



"One More Moment"  Cassidy and Tommy have one thing in common, both lost a parent after having a horrible last conversation.  Cassidy wanted to go to the beach with her friends, just to get away.  Her mom wanted her to stay.  Little did Cassidy know, but that would be the last conversation she would have with her mother...read more

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"DWI the Fast Track to Death"  Drinking and Driving never mix.  The outcome can be fatal, to your dreams and even to your life.  Two teenagers discover this reality after a night of heavy underage drinking and partying with friends.  Jonathan Baker finds himself facing the nightmare of a lifetime....read more
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