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Gold Line Thick

Words Will Destroy You
Words have the power to heal or destroy.  What you say and how you say it can have a huge affect on someone.  Unfortunately, our self worth is largely based on the opinions of others.  Peers at school or work, and our parents shape the way see ourselves.  Teens are very vulnerable to words.  Words leave lasting scars on our lives forever.  This film encourages teens to examine the impact that their words have on those around them.  It also stimulates thought as to why we say what we say, and to look at the motivation around our hateful words. 

Travis is a good student with a terrible secret.  His home life is anything but picture perfect.  Regardless of what he does, it never pleases his father.  His dad's love is shown with the back of his hand.  Unexplained bruises trigger the interest of Ms. Howard.  She sees the signs of abuse on this young man's life.  However, Travis feels there is no hope for him, at least not until he is out of high school and on his on.  At that point the physical abuse may end, but the years of verbal abuse will haunt him the rest of his life.  Ms. Howard wants to help Travis, but unless he is willing to open up about his home life, she knows there is nothing she can do.  Finally, Travis agrees to reach out to Coach Johnson for help. 

Mallory's dad has just lost his job and her family is struggling financially.  Her clothes are not name brand and she is embarrassed, but knows there is nothing she can do to change that.  To make matters even worse, Tiffany, the leader of the popular crowd taunts Mallory's clothes.  When Mallory asks her to stop and tells her that her dad just lost his job, Tiffany intensifies her ridicule.  Mallory has had all she can take.  When she doesn't show up on Monday, Tiffany comments, "Where's Little Miss Muffet, She's late."  A classmate informs Tiffany that Mallory overdosed on drugs over the weekend.  This shocking revelation causes Tiffany to examine her behavior.  Tiffany realizes what she has done and wants to make amends by giving Mallory some of her brand new clothes.  Tiffany also comes face to face with the reason behind her mean behavior.  She wants Mallory and everyone else to hurt as badly inside as she does.  Tiffany is still dealing with the pain of her own father walking out on her and her family. 

This movie has a positive ending.  The run time is around 10 minutes.  Perfect for 9-12 grades.  Great film for schools, Christian schools and youth groups.  This film is a great way to start dialogue about the subject of abuse, bullying, and the proper way to handle these difficult situations.