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Gold Line Thick

One More Moment

Cassidy and Tommy have one thing in common, both lost a parents after having a horrible last conversation.  Cassidy wanted to go to the beach with her friends, just to get away.  Her mom wanted her to stay.  Little did Cassidy know, but that would be the last conversation she would have with her mother.  After storming out, Cassidy's mom was rushed to the hospital where she passed away from breast cancer.  Tommy didn't want to go to college, he wanted to see the world and figure out what he wanted to do with his life after high school.  His dad thought he was making a huge  mistake.  After a huge argument, Tommy's dad left the next day for Iraq where he was killed defending his troops.

Cassidy and Tommy regret those final conversations.  Now, it is too late and they wish they had One More Moment with their deceased parent.  In this film, Cassidy and Tommy happen to see each other at the cemetery and talk about all the hateful words they spoke to their parents, all the foolish arguments, and how wise their parents really were.  If only they had realized that when they were alive.  This film conveys the message to honor your father and mother and think about how you treat them.   It encourages teens to see that their parents really care about them and want what's best for them. 

This film is great for teens in grades 9-12.  The run time is around 10 minutes.