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Act Up Acting Curriculum is a twenty lesson beginners acting course for students from 8 years of age to 18 years of age.  This course is easy to use and fun for the students.  This is a Biblically based curriculum.  Your students will learn acting techniques such as:  Improvisation, monologues, performing a scene with scene partners, how to warm-up before performing to alleviate stage fright, stage directions and many other acting techniques.   Each lesson is taught by Debbie Harmon and her techniques are demonstrated by some of her students.  Your student will enjoy participating along with her students.  This curriculum includes:

                                    Debbie Harmon Teaching the Twenty Lessons--you can rent
                                    each lesson individually and view right on your home computer or
                                    link your computer to your TV and view it on there.  Rental info

                                    Student Workbook--this is identical to the Student's Workbook,
                                    terminology.  There are also quizzes and tests in this workbook
                                    allowing for grades to be issued.

                                    Teacher's Answer Book--this is identical to the Student's Workbook,
                                    but filled with all the correct answers.  There are also suggestions to
                                    help enchance the acting assignments.

                                    Skits & Monologues Book--to be used during the course for
                                    assignments. Students will be required to select a monologue and
                                    skits from this book to perform during the course.  There is also a page
                                    for writing Back Stories.

This program is great for Home Schooled Students, Home School Co-ops, or youth drama groups.  Each student will need their own Workbook and Skits and Monologues book.  For group rate discounts, please give us a call.

Please view the short promo of this curriculum, these clips are taken from the actual DVD in the course.

Now you can rent the entire Twenty Lessons in Act Up and view right on your computer.  Rentals start at $1.99 for the First Fifteen and Lessons are priced at $2.49 to $2.99 per lesson. The rental time period last for 30 days giving you plenty of time to watch and review with your student.  We recommend that you also purchase the Student Work Book and Skits & Monlogue Books prior to the lesson rentals.  Students should do the weekly lesson before watching the lesson on the computer.  It will make their learning experience more understandable and richer.  The Skits & Monlogues book provides the material required for student participation in the program.  To rent the Act Up Lessons, please click on the link below and you will be taken to the Act Up Lesson rental page.  Let us know if you have any questions.  Hope you enjoy the program.

To purchase the book materials in this course, click on the book link to add to your cart for check out.

Act Up SWB
Act Up SMB
Act Up TWB

$19.95 only
$19.95 only
$19.95 only

Act Up SWBAct Up SMBAct Up TWB

Purchase all three books and save $10.00.  All three books for only: