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"So, Ya Wanna Be Happy," has that become your battle cry or is it your alibi as to why you do the things you do?  Ever feel like you are running on a hamster wheel going nowhere fast?  Is life passing you by?  Do you find yourself frustrated, confused or even depressed?

Well, there is good news, and it is found in the Word of God.  His Holy Word can lead you in a direction towards internal and eternal happiness.  The kind of happiness that money can't buy, fame sustain  or  people provide.  It is joy beyond measure.  Are you ready for that kind of happiness?  Then learn the  "Art of Oxymoronic Living" with God's "Be Attitudes" for happiness.

"So, Ya Wanna Be Happy" is a fourteen lesson Bible Study that compares God's path to Happiness with that of the world's.  God's ways are perfect, but they are totally opposite to those taught in the world.  His ways appear "oxymoronic."  But, His are the correct and only ways to happiness. 

Why not discover the best way to find happiness?  This Bible study is great for individual study, small groups or even Sunday School classes.  Each lesson on the DVD starts with a comedy skit that nails down that lesson's main point.  Then, the skit is followed by Debbie Harmon teaching the weekly lesson. The companion workbook is for individual personal study prior to watching the lesson.

This Bible Study is part of our "Grab and Grow" series for the busy woman on the go.  We have designed this study to get right to the meat of the lesson. 

Please take a look at the promo below which has a small sample taken from the actual DVD.


Now you can rent each lesson of So, Ya Wanna Be Happy.  Each lesson begins with a skit that pertains to the lesson and is followed by Debbie Harmon teaching that lesson.  Clik on the link below to be taken the rental page for So, Ya Wanna Be Happy.  Rental last for up to 30 days and prices are only $2.99 per lesson.

SYWBH  Lesson Rentals
You will want to purchase the So, Ya Wanna Be Happy companion Bible Study Work Book so that you can have your own personal time with each lesson.  It is highly recommended that you review the lesson from the Bible Study book prior to watching the Lesson.  To purchase your copy of "So, Ya Wanna Be Happy" Bible Study book click on the clink below. 
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 ereaders can get a copy of the book at one of the links below for only:
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