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Gold Line Thick

What would you do 
Stephanie and Joshua are typical teenagers, great students and all round good kids.  Joshua asks Stephanie to go to prom with him in the spring of their Junior year.  After prom they start dating.  Stephanie's parents have a rule that she can date Joshua as long as it is group dating.  But like most teenagers, Stephanie ignores her parent's rules and starts sneaking around to see Joshua alone.  When school starts back in the fall of their senior year they receive news that will forever change their lives.  Joshua finds out that he has received a full scholarship to play college baseball.  This is the first step to his dreams coming true.  Stephanie also gets a letter telling her that she has been accepted into her dad's Alma Mata in their Architecture program.  However, their excitement soon turns to shock when Stephanie learns she is pregnant.

The second part of the film is six people sharing their "story" of  how an unexpected teen pregnancy forever changed their lives.  The stories are told from both the perspective of the woman and the man.  The first two stores are told by young adults who made the decision to keep their child.  The second two people talk about how hard it was to give their baby up for adoption. The third couple share their heart breaking story of how aborting their child still haunts them today. 

Teen pregnancy is a huge problem in this country today.  Sex Education and birth control are not helping combat this problem.  Only Abstinence will prevent pregnancy 100% of the time.  The goal of this film is to stimulate discussion on that topic.  There is no physical contact between the teenagers.  There is no inappropriate language in this film.  This film can be played for youth groups or in schools. The run time of this short film is around 25 min