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Gracious Elegance Book cover
Would you love to live a life of Gracious Elegance?  What exactly would that mean if you did?  Well a woman living a life of Gracious Elegance understands her position in the Lord, she has her priorities in order, she recognizes her power and uses it wisely, and she knows her purpose in life.  A woman of Gracious Elegances desires to live her life yielded to God and fulfill her calling.  She wants to live a life of excellance and reach her full potential while letting her light shie so that God may be gloried.

If you want to life a life of Gracious Elegance, then start today by learning the steps to achieving that goal and become the woman of God He created you to be.  You can download a copy to read at the following links.  At this time there are no printed copies avaialble look for that to change in the near future.
Gold Line
Secrets and lies...everyone keeps them...everyone tells them--yet at what cost?Regardless of how many times you tell a lie, it never beomces the truth.  Samantha knos whit reality all too well.  For most of her life, she has been required to maintain the facade of a perfect life by wearing a "Happy Face", which only forced her into the vortex of depression.  The skeletons rattling in her closet were not her own making, nevertheless they held her hostage.

After two failed marriages and with three children depending on her, Samantha decided she has been in bondage long enough.  Realizing that life is not to be lived in a sea of hopelessness, she enlists the help of a Christian therapist.  Through his encouragement and Godly counsel, Samantha learns that facing the demons of her past empowers her to enjoy the abundant life that God has prepared for her.  By allowing the Light of God's Word to illuminate her dark world, Samantha soon discovers what we all need to learn:  That the Truth Shall Set You Free.
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If you perfer to eread you can puchase a copy of the book for only
$4.95 at:
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SYWBH Book Cover Purple
Are you in a fast paced pursuit for happiness?  Is it even obtainable?   What does God's Word have to say about this ellusive goal of happiness?  Find out in "So, Ya Wanna Be Happy."

"So, Ya Wanna Be Happy" examines the world's path to happiness and compares it to God's suggested ways.  What you will discover in this book is that God's ways are totally opposite to those of the world.  In fact His ways are Oxymoronic to those that the world teaches.  But if you are willing to transform your mind and obey His teachings, you can find lasting internal and eternal happiness.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed every step of the way.  God wants to give you peace that passes all understanding.  He has blessing in store for you beyond what you can even imagine.  This book will help you get on that path to living life to the fullest.  It will encourage you to read the word of God and apply the teachings in there to help you. 
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