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Speaking Topics

Gracious Elegance---Learning who you are in Christ

The Proverbs 31 woman is a great example of a Godly woman living in Gracious Elegance.  She knows her Position, has her Priorities in order, understands her Power and lives her Purpose.  Debbie takes a look at this great woman and shows others how they too can live a Graciously Elegant life by living up to their full potential for the Glory of God. 

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Stress Free---Living Life fully without being Stressed Out 

Everyone lives in a stressful environment.  Disappointments, frustrations, difficult circumstances fill our daily lives.  How can we be free of stress?  Stress is dangerous, it steals our joy, our peace and even our health.  Debbie offers some simple suggestions on how to live life stress free.  Her suggestions are grounded in the Word of God. 

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Blending---When two become One, Two, Three...

When two become one, they must learn to blend their lives together without losing their unique qualities.  Marriage requires a delicate balance.  This seminar examines God's purpose in marriage, and how He wants the two to become one to serve Him.  Some of the topics covered are: how to deal with children, step-children, parents, past baggage, and the roles each person plays in the marriage.

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Who Are You?----Having a Balanced Self Esteem

Who Are You?  What are you presenting to the world?  Are you wearing a mask so that you can please other people?  God created you to be free of this bondage.  He made you a unique creation.  He wants to use you for His glory.  He created you on purpose for a special purpose.  But in order to live up to your destiny, you must first discover who you are in Christ and boldly live as the real you.  It is time to shine and start seeing yourself as Christ sees you.   

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