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Debbie's Bio  
Debbie Headshot
The Person

At the age of eleven, Debbie gave her heart to Jesus Christ when she invited Him in to be her Lord and Savior. 

After graduating from Georgia Tech, she moved to New York City to pursue her life long dream of becoming an actress.  While in NYC she studied at professional film and TV schools.  Debbie was well on her way to achieving her dream.  She had the opportunity to audition for a soap opera.  While auditioning, she realized that NYC was not where she felt called. 

Debbie then began writing and performing material for the church.  It is her desire to create quality Christian films and materials that inspire and challenge Christians while entertaining them.

Debbie is a wife, mother (a former home school mom), writer, singer, songwriter, director, producer, filmmaker, actress, comedienne, dancer and now her favorite role of being a  grandmother.  In May, Debbie was blessed with her first grandchild.  
The Writer

Debbie began writing as a child.  When she was a little girl she would write poems and creative stories.  During college, she began writing comedy monologues.

While studying acting in New York City, she wrote her first play.  Soon after that comedy and drama sketches followed.  Debbie spent many years perfroming these skits in different churches to introduce the pastor's message. 

Debbie is a writer of both fiction and nonfiction books.  You can find her the ordering information for her books here on this website.

In addition to writing screenplays, skits, monologues and books, Debbie has written song.  You can hear her son, "Praying for You My Friend"  featured in the film "Redemption."  She also has several music videos that she has produced.  Be sure to check them out.

Debbie the director
The Film Producer

When Debbie was a little girl she used to pretend to be making movies. 
She would cast her neighborhood friends in various roles and "direct" them in her pretend movies. 

Her dream was to be "in" movies when she grew up.  Seeing a need for clean, encouraging, quality movies motivated Debbie to start writing and producing them.  She wanted to produce movies that Christians felt comfortable watching even at church. 

In addition to producing Christian films, Debbie has written, directed and produced a series of short films for youth.  These short films deal with the major issues teens face today.

To help pastors and youth minister add sizzle to their sermons, she created a line of products called "Appetizers."  They are designed to whet the appetite or get the congregation interested in the sermon.

A new line that Debbie hopes to produce in the near future is a series of animated films for teens and children.  She also hopes to even dabble in children's cartoons.

Debbie loves to direct and develop new talented actors.  She likes helping others achieve their dreams while she is achieving hers.
Wild Disobeyer
The Actress

Debbie has been performing and entertaining people since she was little.  At the age of five she was first runner up in the Little Miss Tucker pageant.  In first grade she stood in front of the whole elementary school and recited a poem about "Red Shoes".  Being so little, she had to stand on a crate and on her tippy toes to reach the microphone.  In fifth grade she played the role of Violet in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."  She was so excited that she got to chew gum for this part during school. 

Debbie loves to make people laugh and would often imitate famous celebrities for her friends.  She is a practical joker and people often have a hard time knowing if she is kidding or not. 

Touching people's hearts is Debbie's passion and she believes that God has given her the talent to do this through acting.  Whether she is making you laugh or cry, she hopes you will remember the message of her performance.

The Speaker

Debbie is also a motivational speaker and captivates her audience to think outside the box.  She uses the Word of God to inspire them to walk their talk, use their God given talents and abilities and obey His Word.  She wants to fire-up the troops so that each person serves God with passion and power.   She believes everyone is a unique creation created by God at this moment in time to offer the world something only they can offer. 

It is the desire of her heart to inspire and encourage everyone to live up to their full potential, so that they can achieve what God created them to do.

One of her favorite verses is Matthew 5:16.  "Let your light shine before men so that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven." Debbie wants to be a light that shines brightly pointing everyone to God so that they can connect with Him in a real and personal way.